Crazy- ecstatic moments are ephemeral. The way we experience euphoria and emotional peek will never happen the same way again. The beauty that passes in our lives, each and everyday, will never come to our sight twice. These are the reasons why we record these fleeting memories, that soon might be forgotten. We document things in many different ways, ways that we know, ways that we want, ways that we are comfortable of doing.

These are the records of all my crazy- ecstatic moments, the euphoric instances and emotional peeks that I experienced along the way, the documentation of how beauty walks through my life journey. Ephemeral, fleeting- but will never be forgotten. Welcome to my blog!



Team Cobra, Team Lakas

Sabi nga, we can't achieve the success we desire unless we learn to dream big, work on it continuously, and [...]


My E-Casino Experience: Here’s the Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Right Online Gambling Website

In the dynamic world of online gambling, finding the perfect platform can be quite a [...]

Places and scenery

Your Dream House Away the Busy Corners of the Metro- Finally!

There are affordable house and lot in Isabela that are already being built to accommodate those who want to transfer [...]


Food trip Home Places and scenery

Satisfy your Pinoy tastebuds this Valentine’s day!

If you're somewhere south and still looking for a great dining venue, try Nana & [...]

Food trip

A Culinary Adventure: Bistro Group Food Crawl at Italianni’s, Ayala Malls Circuit

Just wrapped up another incredible food crawl hosted by Bistro Group. From delectable bites to delightful sips, savory to sweet, [...]

Food trip Vlog

Black Box? Anong Meron? Let’s Unbox!!!

What's in this box? Watch my unboxing of @chefpicksph 's premium Buko Pie! [...]

Unlimited Crab - Templo PH
Kankana-ey: Ethnic tribe of Sagada, Mt. Province
Kankana-ey: Ethnic tribe of Sagada, Mt. Province
Gotobox PH’s all-time favorite Goto