Quality time at ‘Southwinds’

Family get together can never be replaced and still the best experience a person could ever have.

People can talk about and share different events or moments they spent with their families when they were kids- it’s fun. But having those life events with them aren’t as easy to have as the old times. When kiddos finally got their own lives and started to walk on independently, having quality time with these love ones hardly happens and sometimes doesn’t at all.

‘I’ notes:
That’s why when it’s time for us to celebrate my brother’s and sister’s birthday, I cancelled all my appointments and went on to celebrate with them.

It’s been a while since we had that kind of get together. I, once again, experienced the beauty of having a family. It was refreshing. It was really comforting.

We held the celebration in one of the resorts along Brgy. Pansol in Calamba, Laguna. The resort was named Southwinds (I guess because of the cold breeze that you can experience during the late afternoon)

It is a nice place. You can relax (because of Mt. Makiling’s view) and enjoy at the same time (because of all the amenities they have). The place is clean and cozy. Since it is a newly-opened resort, everything is in order; facilities are new and really inviting. They made the place very simple yet stylish and exquisite.

Aside from these, people around (I mean the staff and crew) are caring and warm. This is another reason, I think, why they have lots of customers even though it’s not in the peak season.

I included some pictures to make this entry a little more visual.

This is the facade of the resort. Nicely done.

Inside the resort-clean, refreshing and yes, relaxing

They have 4 big swimming pools

If you’re interested and would like to experience Southwinds

Contact Details:
Resort Address: National Highway, Bo. Pansol Calamba Laguna
Telephone No: (049) 502-8060, (049) 502-8854

4 thoughts on “Quality time at ‘Southwinds’

  1. Hi Ric! Thanks for following my blog (www.lovelyspirit.wordpress.com), especially the Travel section. I hope the posts continue to bless you.

    I also enjoyed a number of your posts, especially “Quality Time at Southwinds.” Being a diplomat, who is often away from my family, I couldn’t agree with you more – there is indeed NOTHING that compares to QT with the fam! Whenever I get to go home, my family is my first priority, especially my neices and nephews.

    God bless you, and I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    Twitter: @Lovelyspirit22


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