Dinner time.

Before the year ends, let’s eat something really good and healthy! Fried chicken, why not? It’s been an all-time kids’ favorite (and those young at hearts like me) and no doubt a perfect food sharing idea. Enjoy it with your bare hands and with the twist of herbs-and-spices-riched dip, i’m sure you’ll love it even more. Just imagine the crunchiness and the juiciness in every bite, familiar line isn’t it? (now i miss my childhood-fastfood days every Sunday).
Fried-Chicken l BlackHelios


This simple, easy dish will be more perfect if you’ll have it paired with something healthy yet equally mouth-watering, and yes i’m talkin’ about those steamed and seasoned small pieces of veggie bites. The contrast it gives to your taste buds while you grab those oily frieds, perfect! The balancing effect will make it more ideal and will boost more everyone’s appetite. Agree?


The contrast it gives to your taste buds while you grab those oily frieds, perfect!

So make every simple dish special by being more creative, just use a bit of your brain cells and i’m sure you’ll get what your taste buds want. Happy eating and happy 2013!

Steamed-Veggies l BlackHelios



*Thanks Alejandro for the best dinner ever! We enjoyed it! 🙂

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