The idea of playing with a huge water-board was ecstatic.

However, more than this water sport, I realize that there are many other things in Baler that i should be thrilled about; and these I experienced together with my friends in a full-packed three-day trip.

I don’t want to discuss anymore the how-tos/ travel guide and tips because I know that there are many blogs entries out there talking about this same usual topic, let the captured images below do the talking and present the exquisite beauty of Baler. Nature, history and custom in one exciting trip that I will never forget.

Museo De Baler

Museo De Baler
Facade of the famous Museo de Baler.
manuel l quezon statue
In the middle of a plaza-liked space in front of the museum is a life-sized statue of the country’s ‘Ama ng Wikang Pambansa’ , Manuel L. Quezon.
Manuel Quezon
Image of Manuel L. Quezon placed inside the museum, honoring the country’s champion of the national language.
art piece-museo de baler
One of my favorite art pieces in the museum. A miniature of an old sea transportation. Amazing!
Painting-Museo De Baler
A painting commissioned by former senator Angara. It shows the rich culture and history of the province.

Great Water Sceneries

overlooking from PAGASA
Overlooking. From where we stand (PAGASA headquarter’s rooftop) you can see this overwhelming beauty, I’m speechless.
overlooking from PAGASA2
Peace and serenity. Its how I characterized this shot. Peaceful yet breath-taking. I hope I can always have a view like this whenever I need to escape from all the stress of the world.
The Estuary. Have you ever encountered a real one? The feeling is out of this world. Rock!
The Estuary. Have you ever encountered a real one? The feeling is out of this world. Rock!
Lukso-Lukso Islets
The Islets. Famously tagged as the Lukso-lukso islets. One of the attractions in Baler that a traveler/ foreigner should not miss. One word, Fantastic!
big falls-baler
Mother of all falls. The Ditumabo Falls, the highest in Baler that will make you scream for so much excitement. Expectedly, the water is as cold as ice but nevertheless, the experience was incomparable.
little falls- baler
Beside the huge, tall falls are these cute little ones. Nature at its best.
little falls- closeup- baler
The little one’s closeup shot.

Other Interesting Finds

Lobster- Baler
Huge Lobster for Sale. In one of the cariderias that we visited, we saw these huge creatures ready to be eaten. We didn’t try it due to its luxurious price, we thought of spending our money to other more  important things.
century tree
The Epic Century Tree. Its enormous and creepy. This balete tree is said to be as old as the elders of Baler.

After all these side trips, we went to the Sabang spot where we did the much-anticipated water activity- the surfing. The overcast weather was perfect that we didn’t worry us getting sunburns. The waves were not that great but all enough for first-timers like us.

And yes, after all the abrupt slides and painful bumps, most of us managed to balance and do the surfing moves. Happy and proud!

Mr. Alex Santillan, one of my friends, in action. Thanks Extreme Outdoor for this shot!

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