Making a brand remarkable is not an easy task to do.

It needs passion and hardwork to make every marketing strategy effective. But more than these, the brand needs creativity, a whole lot of it actually. This will greatly help in creating the connection, to strongly appeal to everyone’s emotion, to stimulate the senses, to fascinate- these build the name, the brand.

Social experiments has been one of the most effective forms of brand marketing nowadays. The internet has been a vehicle to many social experiments; underlying advocacies and principles every brand would want to disseminate, and brands like Coca-cola truly excels on this.

On the latest social experiment they released, still in line with their theme ‘sharing happiness’, we can see how the creative juices of the team poured-out, making again, another heart-warming material that will surely and seriously hit your senses (well at some point).

Watch the clip titled ‘The Happiest Thank You’ below.

After seeing this new clip from Coca-cola, I tried to find some of my favorites and do a round-up. Here’s my list of the top Coca-cola social experiment clips that will surely appeal to your emotions. Be ready to wipe some tears folks. Enjoy.

This clip titled ‘Coca-cola where will happiness strike next: The OFW project’ is about our OFWs around the world. It talks about the difficult feeling of not being home and being far away from their families. Coca-cola created a campaign/project to bring back these OFWs home (here in the Philippines) and fulfill their dreams/wish on Christmas day.

This clip titled ‘Coca-cola share some happiness: The soup kitchen’ will show how the beverage company with their volunteers helped the victims of typhoon Yolanda.

The ‘Coca-cola happiness truck’ is another project that shows how a customized truck, with a huge push button on it, brought happiness to every Pinoy. It did not only dispenses Coca-cola drinks but also surprise giveaways that everyone enjoyed. (Getting a lechon? Why not!?)

Aside from the clips created here in the Philippines, I watched other videos from different countries bearing the same intent and elements. You would love to see these touching videos promoting peace, love and hope.

Now I am challenged to think of similar ideas and create materials like these. Such an inspiration. Thanks everyone for dropping by! Have a good day!


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