It’s been a while since I write my last travel blog and it feels really good to be back and to be able to do again what I love – share my experiences and give valuable tips to Filipino travelers.

Well anyway, last month (April 2019) I got a chance to join my team’s luxurious escapade 😆 – to breathe some fresh air, recharge our wholeness and take a break from all the stress brought by tons of office works – which we are dealing with right now, but at least we got our chance to be idle at one point. lol

This has been given to us considering the amount of work we are doing, currently and as incentive as well for a job well done *clears throat* 😂 (lucky us and congratulations!).

Our team chose Mactan, Cebu to be laidback for a number of days. We decided to experience a little luxury while taking the much-awaited break, which is actually far from the affordable accommodation I am looking for when traveling. We booked our rooms in Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa, Mactan, Philippines’ premier, award-winning deluxe resort property.

As expected (based on the reviews online and recommendations from some friends) the 13-hectare accommodation venue boasts a paradise-like setting, complete with high-end amenities/facilities- from dining, entertainment, sports and recreational activities. You don’t even have to bother going out for your needs since they have everything inside already, especially if you’re tired and really lazy to move around the city.

Essential Facts About Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa

  • The place has 2 separate wings
  • Has 530 available guestrooms and suites
  • Has spacious air-conditioned rooms have private balconies overlooking the Mactan Sea and tropical landscaped grounds. 
  • Each room provides an exclusive pillow menu, minibar and cable/satellite TV. 
  • CHI Spa, one of the largest spa villages in Asia, features a relaxing menu of massage and beauty therapies, which guests can enjoy in private spa villas. 
  • Has well-equipped gym and tennis courts, ideal for a refreshing workout
  • Has 9 dining options
    • Fresh seafood is served at the Cowrie Cove
    • Acqua offers Italian cuisine
    • Cantonese food is served at Tea of Spring
    • International buffet is served at Tides
    • Cocktails and light snacks are available at the hotel’s 5 bars and lounges.

Aside from their perfectly landscaped gardens and built in adventure tracks (which is really fun to do), you may also enjoy their 350-meter white-sand beach, pretty much similar with what you will also experience when you visit Boracay.

I must say a perfect refuge for people who love being one with nature and an excellent place for people looking to experience tranquility while away from home.

Just an observation, I noticed a huge number of expats and Asian families enjoying Filipino hospitality when we were there. I asked one of the employees and he mentioned that it was really like that day in, day out. When visiting Mactan, Cebu, Shangri-la has always been the top of mind resort for these foreigners. It was like staying in one of the hotels in Singapore especially when you’re inside the Tides restaurant.

I enjoyed my room a lot. A deluxe, spacious guestroom that has everything already – from iron set, bathroom essentials up to the minibar and cable/satellite TV. The private balcony which faces a beautiful view, gave me a peaceful ambiance where I can stay for a long time, read a book while having a cup of coffee. Something I would definitely love to have when I grow older.

However, we did not contain ourselves inside the resort despite its convenience, since we would want to see some parts of Cebu and do some activities while we were there.

Definitely, one of our first stops is a restaurant that houses the famous Cebu Lechon (always in my bucket list when visiting Cebu). We dined at Rico’s Lechon and consumed a kilo of classic juicy-tasty roasted meat complete with the crispy, flavorful skin. Good thing no one got dizzy and needed to take an emergency maintenance med after the feast, we survived it. (sakit-batok challenge! 😆)

On our second day, we scheduled our island hopping activity, to take some vitamin sea. We stopped at Panadon NalusuanHilutunganCaohagan and Olango islands, do snorkeling, enjoyed the fish and coral sanctuaries , watched how fantastic the view under the sea and just relax while on the boat. So refreshing.

If you want to get more information about Mactan, Cebu’s island hopping, i found a useful reference that you can take advantage. Click here

There was also one night when we visited Cebu’s IT park where Sugbo Mercado- Cebu’s biggest weekend food market- is located, to try some local delis. We ended up eating inihaw na laman-loob and inasal, which are my personal favorite street foods (the best!) and drinking bottles of beer in one of their party places (gimikan) in the area, Craft Bar. A night really well spent.

I must say, we really enjoyed our Mactan, Cebu trip! Astig!

That whole trip was something I will never give up every year. I will never get tired doing it over and over again, in different places and with different people. This is what to live life to the fullest means to me. 🙂

I created a video that contains the highlights of our Mactan, Cebu trip. Hope you guys enjoy it. Don’t forget to give me a thumbs up! (Subscribe and share). Contact me if you want to a collaboration. Thanks!


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