In less than 24 hours we are, again, going to cast our votes. We are, once again, going to choose people who will partake in running this country for the next coming years. But are we really prepared to fill-out our ballots?

Senatoriables- Philippines Election 2019
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Over the past days, we’ve been hearing and reading different election related news– vote buying, disqualification issues, election suspension in areas like Lanao del Sur, election survey and many others. These news have been staple to our ears every election period and we are left no choice but to accept the fact that this country is still far from that ‘change’ it deserves, most especially when it comes to politics.

Things will never turn upside down if we will not do our part in achieving the ‘change’ that we are dreaming of for our beloved Philippines. We need to be responsible Filipinos and start thinking of the accountability that we all have as citizens of this country.

We might not be able to participate in creating new country bills and laws, attend hearing for budget planning, suggest new and needed projects for specific locations, but we can choose the people who will do all these on our behalf.

Candidates who are deserving and worthy of our votes. Candidates who will think of the country first before anything else and have genuine political will for all the Juans.

Let’s not be swayed by all the surveys that are coming out. These could help or guide us in the process of choosing but do not let these lists affect our freedom in picking the rightful leaders. Knowing our candidates better through researches (you have your Google now) is better than just listening to political ads and our president’s support speech. As one TV station always reiterates, ‘iba ang may alam!’

Practice your right to vote, work hard for a clean election and always remember to vote wisely.

There are also obvious reasons why we should not choose a candidate. Seeing them dance ‘Budots’ in a campaign ad doesn’t change the fact that they have been acquitted with grave political misconduct and been jailed for a number of years. Yes they’ve been acquitted but we have to remember that the government still ordered them to return a huge amount, which signifies their participation in the much discussed and well debated scam.

Furthermore, this country needs leaders who have political experience. We cannot afford to have another senator who doesn’t know anything, but to fire a gun and take selfies in private presidential forums. We’ve been victims of this for many instances already and I think its time for us to step up our political choices and give it to those deserving candidates who know how to steer the boat and can direct us to where we need to go. Those who have political directions (plans) and not those who will use their government seats to study the entire process (during the initial years), making the Juans wait until they are able to master it (due to their incompetencies), such a waste of time.

We need someone who can help make this country move forward as soon as possible – making sure that everyone will be assisted and all problems and shortcomings will be given attention.

My blog might be a little late, but for those who will be able to read this, i hope you will make up your mind and choose those deserving candidates this election. Practice your right to vote, work hard for a clean election and always remember to vote wisely. Your vote is very important so please do not waste it.

And to those politicians who are running this 2019 election, please have that genuine care for the Filipino people and this country. Be extra accountable and responsible since you chose to be in that position. We are expecting so much from everyone who will win this election and we hope that you will deliver the things you promised on your campaign spiels and platforms. You owe a lot to your voters so it’s time for you to give back what entire Philippines deserves.

My personal list for thi Senatorial Election. Mga senador ng bayan!

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    A must read blog. Hopefully the nation will be enlightened with your words. A whole new world.

    More of your blog sir!

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