SariSariPH launches new wholesale marketplace for premium regional dishes and delicacies

Dinner time! (kahit late na! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)

I usually eat alone lalo na pag dinner. Everyone is out doing their own thing. I prefer staying at home (especially when pandemic strikes), cooking my own food, or creating recipes rather, ang trip ko madalas.

Tonight, mas gusto ko na magbreakfast! Lol Good thing I have my fresh-sweet-savory Cabanatuan skinless longanisa from @sarisariph.premium (ansarap!) . The best na pang-twist sa fried rice ko.

I just added all the ingredients na nakita ko sa ref πŸ˜‚ (yung acceptable syempre!) – garbanzos, onion leeks, onion and galic, egg **syempre, and my personal favorite set of spices and pampalasa. Panalo, fried rice ala Batutay na! Kain guys! 🍽️🍚, a new wholesale marketplace of premium products from different provinces and regions came about with just one goal in mind – to be the best and complete source of premium regional dishes and delicacies. One of which is its flagship product, the Cabanatuan Premium Longganisa.

The most popular longganisa in Cabanatuan is called β€˜Batutay’, a beef-based longganisa with a distinctive sweet taste. But this too has evolved with the introduction of other variants such as garlic, sweet garlic, hamonado, and spicy flavors. Today, we are also seeing flavoured Skinless Cabanatuan Longganisa in the market. sources all of their productsstraight from where it comes from. And they make sure that they are freshly made only from the highest quality ingredients. No preservatives, and no fillers or extenders. What’s best is that, it contains more meat than fat making it intact and still whole after frying unlike other brands. also offers budding entrepreneurs to be part of their growing family which can be done in two ways: its either you become a Dealer or a Reseller.
Dealers’ Price is at P7000 with product inclusions of your choice (depending on the availability). You will be provided with a tarp that can help boost your business. While a reseller, for only P4000 will also be given products of your choice, and together with the Dealer will be given free deliveries of your goods upon ordering and replenishments of your supplies. The lowest price can offer resellers is for P1500.

Let us not make this pandemic a hindrance to our success. We can rise and still continue to be productive citizens. can help you achieve that goal.

To know more about the products or how to become a dealer or reseller, call 09985310559 or 09161621608.

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