Are you thinking of a low cost home business pero sure na papatok? Let me suggest one! I’m sure hindi ka bibiguin ng idea ko! 😅😅

But before my suggestion, i thought of this because I remembered all the ‘ates’ that I became my ‘nanay-nanayan’ when I am studying, and they once mentioned me na kayang kaya na magpaaral ng pagtitinda ng mga street foods including the famous fishballs, aquid balls and tokneneng and many other additions like hotdog on stick and calamares.

My UP days will not be complete without these campus jollyjeeps or food stalls. I remembered ordering, most of the time, my pancit canton plus all the tusok-tusok available when I am on a rush kasi 30 mins na lang next class na! LOL

Nakakamiss! Easy lang sana to satisfy my cravings now kung walang pandemic and we are not under a new normal, but sad to say temporarily hindi pwede. Buti na lang I discovered these super affordable products from Holiday foodsphere – their quekiam, chicken hotdog balls and squidballs are the best! Approved na approved and definitely satisfies my tusok-tusok cravings! 👍

If you are also thinking to start a small home business, this is one of the best options that I would highly suggest. You can already run one sa napakababang capital, sure pa ko na papatok! Promise!

Look! (Use Holiday na bukod sa flavorful na, super mura pa!)
Holiday Squid Balls (1kg) – Php 119
Holiday Quekiam (220g) – Php 30
Holiday Chicken Hotdog Balls (1kg) – Php 150

O diba, ideal for business talaga, you can also add rice toppings sa menu and even the one they are selling sa mga UP Jollyjeeps, pancit canton with tusok tusok combo meal! 😁👍

To start, all you need:
At least 12 packs of pancit canton – Php150
At least 5 kilos of rice (Php45 per kilo) – Php 225
Paper plates – Php50.00
Plastic utensils- Php25.00

May pang mix and match menu ka na! Easy peasy!

Hurry and get Holiday Quekiam, Holiday Squidballs, and Holiday Chicken Hotdog Balls in leading supermarkets, wetmarkets, CDO foodstores, and thru CDO home delivery ( or Viber 09178214550)

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