Despite all the setbacks that we are experiencing right now as a country, Big Boss Pandesal, one of the south’s fast-rising food-related businesses, continues to increase its market visibility and share as they launch their 8th store in Moonwalk Village, Las Pinas, November 28.

To serve every Pinoy table with freshly-baked, nutritious, and hot pandesal every morning and during merienda is the primary goal of the brand.

“We will continue to serve our Pinoy clients who love pandesal, our breakfast staple for the longest time, hindi kumpleto ang kape sa umaga pag walang pandesal, as we always say, right?” Ms. Grace, the owner of Big Boss Hot Pandesal, said.

Also, they firmly believe that quality products, fresh from the oven stuffed with premium ube-cheese filling, that are produced in a clean and safe environment need not to be always expensive, but can also be affordable or ‘abot-kaya’. This is the main reason why their customers stay loyal their brand and they entices more new pandesal lovers.

Furthermore, with the on-going pandemic and job loss of Filipino households, Big Boss Hot Pandesal aims also to help Filipino to start-up their own affordable and profitable business by franchising the brand. For a very reasonable capital, placed in an ideal location, you can already have a successful business.

Our Humble Beginnings

Big Boss Hot Pandesal started as a neighborhood bakery in Naga Road, Las Pinas on March 1, 2020. It originally offered Classic Pandesal, Cheese Pandesal, and Pan de Spanish on its menu.

After seven months, it has quickly grown to seven branches across Las Pinas and Paranaque. With its best-selling Pandesal and Ube Cheese Pandesal and other new additions like Choco Pandesal, Ube Ensaymada, the classic Pan de Coco and Ensaymada, Big Boss Hot Pandesal quickly became a staple in many households in Las Pinas and Paranaque.

Our stores locations

  1. Naga Road, Las Pinas (Main Branch)
  2. Tramo, Las Pinas
  3. VergonVilla, Las Pinas
  4. BF Homes, Elizalde, Las Pinas
  5. BF Homes, Aguirre, Paranaque
  6. Manuela, Las Pinas
  7. Moonwalk Village Las Pinas (Newest Branch)

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