No Leisure Travel For Now (goodbye to my ‘almost’ yearly Ilo-ilo trip ๐Ÿ˜”)

It’s Dinagyang season once again, but unfortunately no flight to Ilo-ilo for me this year because of the lockdown.

The city has been very tight since the pandemic cases grew in our country, so as much as they would like to promote their festival and invite people to join the festivity, they need to shut things down and proceed with the ‘safe festivity’ as tagged by Iloilo City mayor Jerry Treรฑas.

The festival still pushed through, business as usual, but with a whole different twist considering lots precautionary measures- our new normal.

They launched the first-ever digital Dinagyang on its 53rd anniversary, with the theme โ€œOne Dinagyang. One Iloilo. Halad kay Seรฑor Sto. Niรฑo.โ€

You may watch this year’s performances and the festival highlights here.

Since I don’t new pictures of this year’s Dinagyang, I will share to you my shots from last year, showing play of bright colors, breath-taking perfomances and stunning participant- encapsulating Ilo-ilo’s rich culture and tradition.

See you next year Ilo-ilo! HOPEFULLY! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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