The year 2020 comes to its end. As Intelegencia BPO looks at the months that passed, it’s the agency’s resiliency, passion, and dedication, as they face the new normal brought by the global pandemic, is a major realization.

It brought many different changes internally as it hits the entire industry since March of 2020. Industries like entertainment, travel and leisure, retail providers, HR outsourcing service providers, food (restaurants) are some of the industries that were badly hit. But generally, all companies that require office presence went through this difficulty.

For Intelegencia, adjustments to comply with the country’s required new protocols have been the main priority but at the same time, these were the major challenges that truly affected the organization’s productivity. Gladly, Intelegencia’s team was very dynamic in creating remedies to the abrupt changes brought by the crisis.

The quarantine that was implemented by the government didn’t stop the team to work on these solutions to continuously support every member of the organization. The work-from-home scheme was implemented immediately to ensure constant productivity. Moreover, the shuttle services arrangement was launched for the company’s employees, avoiding public transportation and ensuring safety. Later on, the company invested in its own shuttle vehicles looking at it as part of the long-term solution.

Aside from these, Intelegencia made sure that everyone worked in an environment that is suited to their needs, not only physically but also emotionally. They performed activities which include Fitness Challenge, INTG Superheroes Contest, Music Icons Quiz Night, and the recent Year-End Party.

Furthermore, the company continued to be operational serving clients and partners uninterruptedly. That was why despite all the challenges the company faced, they still clinched an impressive business result, gaining 62 percent client growth. With all the accounts that were booked towards the end of the year, growing the team was one of the requirements to better and equally serve clients thus growing the company from 300 members to an unexpected 500 members in December 2020, an agency with international HR consulting services helped with the entire process to increase capability and to aid the needs of their clientele.

“I didn’t know if we were going to survive as a company [and] as a group. But thankfully, Intelegencia globally survived. Intelegencia Philippines did outstanding this year,” shares Founder and CEO Perry Chaturvedi

On the other hand, the company didn’t forget its responsibility to our kababayans who were greatly affected by the pandemic and the natural disasters. The company extended help by participating in the donation drives for COVID19 communities and through the ‘Sharing Is Caring’ program for the typhoon victims.

Intelegencia commends all its passionate and hardworking team members who contributed a lot to the 2020 company’s success. All these that were learned will be applied to this new year assuring the company further with much greater success, achieving better and huge goals.

Congratulations Intelegencia Philippines!

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