Eleventh clinic on the third year anniversary might sound far-fetched, even impossible, however, for Glam and Fab and Dear Self Aesthetics and Wellness Center, it might be really difficult to achieve but it was definitely possible.

“With the coming of our 11th branch this month, we are beyond grateful to welcome the new members of our family and the vision that soars beyond self-care and self-love.”

This was part of the message of the Glam and Fab COO and Dear Self Aesthetics CEO, Ms. Krystal Tecson-Garalde when she delivered her speech during their company’s third-year anniversary celebration and thanksgiving last May 10, 2022, at the Pandan Asian Café, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

With the combined efforts and dedicated involvement of each family member, Glam and Fab and Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center welcomes their 11th branch along Congressional, Quezon City. This is another milestone reached by the company after establishing 10 different branches in different areas of the metro:  Glam and Fab Fairview, Glam and Fab Caloocan, Glam and Fab Cubao, Glam and Fab Pasig, Glam and Fab Tacloban, Dear Self Manila, Dear Self Makati, Dear Self Camarin, Dear Self Cavite and Dear Self Taguig.

Third Year Anniversary of Glam and Fab and Dear Self Aesthetics and Wellness at Pandan Asian Cafe

The budding aesthetic and wellness-oriented company commits to offering budget-friendly and result-oriented services utilizing top caliber and tech-advanced machines.

“It was also not too long ago when we just eyed for giving quality and healthy aesthetic services which do not compromise prices, and now we are tapping best enhancement surgeons in the country,” Ms. Tecson-Garalde shared.

In addition, the company mainly offers advanced facial treatment, slimming and laser treatments, and high-standard drip options that are proven to be effective for diverse clients.

Starting the Business and Pandemic Challenges

Ms. Tescon-Garalde also shared about their company’s objective when they started building their dream business and how they endured the business challenges brought by the pandemic. 

Beautiful and successful couple Mr. Dennis Garalde and Ms. Krystal Tecson- Garalde

“It was not too long ago when all we wanted was to make a living for our immediate family members and now with a grateful heart we are extending help to our friends and over a hundred employees whom we also consider family – the very reason we surpassed the hardship of the pandemic is they have loyally stayed with us during our lowest time,” Ms. Tescon-Garalde mentioned.

A known aesthetic clinic inspired husband and wife, Ms. Krystal Tecson-Garalde and Mr. Dennis Garalde, to build the business, risking their family’s savings and regular full-time jobs.

With the right mix of involved people, business strategies, and positive minds to achieve a common goal, they were able to reach success in just three years, despite the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Mr. Dennis Garalde, the CEO of Glam and Fab stressed the importance of working hard as one to accomplish success. He said that family members and employees work hard every day to achieve what they have accomplished.

“Maybe yung three years na time maikli lang for everyone, pero sa kanila it was like 10 years. Kasi kung nag-open ka ng 2019 and the rest of the years were pandemic, medyo mahirap para sa kanila to survive, but they are here right now, celebrating the third anniversary with more future plans for the business and for their clients,” Mr. Ric Abasola said, the company’s Marketing and Business Consultant.

The Big Event

The 3rd year anniversary celebration and thanksgiving was attended by the company’s Board of Directors, family members, and invited guests including friends from the digital media (Blogger, Vloggers, Media Outlets, Influencers, and Content Creators).

Another highlight of the night is the first-ever contract signing event with their newest brand ambassadors who will be the company’s face in the next coming months.

Showtime dancers, Ms. Neri ‘BoomBoom Neri’ Lopera and Ms. Grace Abina graced the event. The two signed a contract with Glam and Fab and Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center as their exclusive aesthetic and wellness provider.

“The fact that we are all here, to celebrate Glam and Fab’s 3rd anniversary and to sign our new brand ambassadors and the fact that we already have 10 branches and we are building some more, these alone are worth celebrating,” Mr. Allan Garalde, COO of Glam and Fab mentioned as he welcomed everyone in the event.

The new brand ambassadors shared their memorable experiences with the brand’s services and their ultimate transformation after months of undergoing various treatments.

“Sobrang blessing and binigay samin ng Glam and Fab. Sobrang taba ko before, laging sinasabi ni ate Vice, girl antaba mo! Pero dahil sa Glam and Fab, naachieve ko ulit yung ganitong body and napansin po ito ng Showtime family ko,” BoomBoom Neri bubbly said when she was asked to share her experience.

On the other hand, Ms. Grace Abina shared her frustrations before she started doing treatments with Glam and Fab and her gratitude to the company. “Ang hirap mag maintain ng body dahil ang daming expectations, that’s why I want to thank Glam and Fab for bringing back my confidence.”

Questions from the digital media friends were also accommodated and answered by the new brand ambassadors and the founders while having dinner.

Mr. Christian Tecson, the COO of Dear Self Aesthetic ended the event by giving a few tips on how to be successful in any endeavor. “The key to survive are the following: first of all, pray hard, trust our Father God Jehovah; second, believing in ourselves that we can survive; third is a positive outlook in life; fourth, family support and lastly believing and practicing the idea of the turning table, convert negative things to positive things. To my family, hindi natin to makakayanan kung hindi tayo solid.”

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