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FOOD REVIEWS ALERT!! Because we love overwhelming our tummy. Food of different kinds from different places. Yummy indeed!

Weekend Camping Getaway- Newest (Curry🍛-Yummy😋) Campsite Everyone Will Surely Love❤️

Camp Curry or Tokyo Camp has been in PH’s restaurant scene for two years already. Ayala Malls Manila Bay is their second branch after their successful Ayala Triangle physical store.

Satisfaction in Every Sip: Teami PH Offers New Series for Pinoy Milk Tea Lovers

Teami Milk Tea

Teami Milk Tea is not only it is flavorful and mouth-watering, but it is also an agent of health and wellness. Knowing this minimizes guilt while enjoying fresh goodness in a cup.

Another Food Discovery this 2019: Pinoy cuisine with a modern twist – Make this part of your 2020 list!

The lutong bahay dishes that I so love were all served in unforgettable presentations and heavenly tastes, some were deconstructed that made it so much better, improved versions worthy of my dime.

Another Flaming Grill Set Foot Down South: Get Ready for BF Parañaque’s FIERY Tex/Mex Experience

I believe, more than the exclusive blazingly pungent hot sauce they are offering to Tex/Mex lovers, there are more enticing and mouth-watering selections every food enthusiast will truly enjoy.

Food Park to Visit in QC: Feeling Alive at Vivehub

uncle cheffy food

Vivehub Foodpark has been serving great tasting cuisine and providing excellent dining experience since 2018. This food hub that houses some of the best restaurants (Kuse, Uncle Cheffy, Bo’s Coffee, Korean BBQ) will satisfy all your food cravings- from, today’s famous, Korean BBQ to PH’s mouthwatering local dishes.

Unlimited Meat for Your Endless Cravings : Premier, The Samgyupsal is the Answer!

Premier UnliMix only at Premier The Samgyupsal

I recently had my lunch at Premier, The Samgyupsal (this is just my second time here) and the experience was still the same during my first time- ‘awesomely’ satisfying.

Templo Modern Szechuan Fusion PhotoBlog- BlackHelios Photography

soy garlic crab- templo

Not only it dishes out unlimited crabs and shrimps, but all cuisines they serve are cooked to perfection in traditional Chinese Szechuan way with some twists- flavourful, mouth-watering and definitely something everyone will look forward to try again and again.

When ‘Sakit-batok’ Suddenly Became a Word I Enjoyed so Much 🦀🦀🦀 – My Templó Unlimited Szechuan Experience

unlimited crab- templo PH

Not only they dishes out unlimited crabs, shrimps and meat, but all cuisines they serve are cooked in traditional Chinese Szechuan way with their own restaurant twists that made them different from other Chinese restaurants- flavourful, mouth-watering and definitely something everyone will look forward to try again and again.