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FOOD REVIEWS ALERT!! Because we love overwhelming our tummy. Food of different kinds from different places. Yummy indeed!

Extra special chocolate cupcakes

“I” notes: It’s been a while! I’ve been busy with all the money-making activities for the past few months so i wasn’t able to make an update (blog) as often as before. I really want to post a lot of things, share some of my thoughts and put up a photo gallery here of some […]

Mang Tony and his Fish ball story

Street foods were undeniably one of the oldest and fastest growing industries in our country. It penetrated our culture that it became part of our everyday lives especially those people in a hurry, in the middle of heavy workloads and never-ending deadlines. For them street foods are not bad at all, in fact, it  help […]

Have a bite of Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner when you finally feel the cold freezing morning, see people hanging their colorful decors, installing a symbolic tree and finally, smell simbang-gabi’s favorite treats like puto bumbong and of course, the best-selling bibingka. Made out of galapong (milled glutinous rice), coconut milk, margarine and sugar, bibingka has been one […]

Not your ordinary vegan restaurant

Different dishes, meat, vegetables, sauces, rice, condiments and a drink station. Everything seems so ordinary with this buffet-styled restaurant that we usually see in most food courts of the famous mall chain in the country. Bodhi restaurant might be something new to the ears of many of us but this seems-ordinary food house has been […]