• World-Class and Fashion-forward: Celebrating A Decade With PRIDE

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  • No Leisure Travel For Now (goodbye to my ‘almost’ yearly Ilo-ilo trip 😔)

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  • Enjoy your Favorite Samgyup-meal in the Comfort of Your Own Home #Samgyupsabahay

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  • Teami Milk Tea

    Satisfaction in Every Sip: Teami PH Offers New Series for Pinoy Milk Tea Lovers

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  • Another Food Discovery this 2019: Pinoy cuisine with a modern twist – Make this part of your 2020 list!

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  • Another Flaming Grill Set Foot Down South: Get Ready for BF Parañaque’s FIERY Tex/Mex Experience

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  • soy garlic crab- templo

    Templo Modern Szechuan Fusion PhotoBlog- BlackHelios Photography

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  • Baler, Philippines: Experiencing the Epic Waves and a Whole Lot More

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  • Sumptuous

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  • Extra special chocolate cupcakes

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