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People.Places.Events. And more. Capturing the moment is one of the greatest things ever created by man. Because of this, we are able to document important events, preserve the beauty of both man and nature and encapsulate different emotions. Relive the past. and learn from it.

In motion and getting in track

‘I’ Notes: Exercise four of my photography class was one of the best. We were taught on how to shoot moving objects, how to catch the action using our lenses and how to capture and make it appear like a frozen element in the middle of a moving background. It was really challenging. We had […]

The baptism

‘I’ notes:                        I was finally baptized. I believe that in every skill that we want to acquire we have to know first the basics. Computer operations, calculations, driving and of course photography, we all need to be familiar with the simple how-to before we […]

Play of lights

Going home after tons of workloads is the best moment everyone has been all waiting for. Daydreaming. Planning. Craving. What to eat? Where to go? How to go? These are the things that run in everybody’s mind once they think of going out of the office and walk their way home. Well, who can blame […]

Flower power: ‘…can never be ugly’

Remembering my Photography professor’s remark about flowers as our subject. He said, when we presented our works in one of our photo exhibits, that flowers can never be ugly and has always been a good subject for photography. It’s undeniably beautiful and its mystical form gives every frame a unique yet elegant finish. I tried […]

The best of Sagada

These pictures will only tell you how wonderful Sagada is. The nature at its best, the culture, the tradition, perfect. These make me want to go back to, again,  experience the same feelings of perfection and serenity.  No regrets, just love. To read the article about our Sagada summer getaway click here. Photo credits: Star Alcorcon, […]

The International Labor day parade

In Manila, about 8,000 members of a huge labor alliance, many clad in red shirts and waving red streamers, marched for four kilometers (2.5 miles) to the heavily barricaded Mendiola bridge near the Malacanang presidential palace. Philippine President Benigno Aquino III rejected their calls for a $3 daily pay hike, which he warned could worsen […]

Manila sunset: Splendid!

‘I’ notes: Sunset is my favorite time of the day to do a photo walk (well, this is definitely an ideal time to do shoots outside, many photographers agreed). I love how the rays of the sun touch every scene and how it turns every frame into a more dramatic and serene one. A perfect […]