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Your Dream House Away the Busy Corners of the Metro- Finally!

There are affordable house and lot in Isabela that are already being built to accommodate those who want to transfer and live their life in the province. 

Satisfy your Pinoy tastebuds this Valentine’s day!

If you’re somewhere south and still looking for a great dining venue, try Nana & Co. within the Molito Complex in Alabang. (actually inside Molito, you got lots of options to choose from already)

No Leisure Travel For Now (goodbye to my ‘almost’ yearly Ilo-ilo trip 😔)

It’s Dinagyang season once again, but unfortunately no flight to Ilo-ilo for me this year because of the lockdown. The city has been very tight since the pandemic cases grew in our country, so as much as they would like to promote their festival and invite people to join the festivity, they need to shut […]

First Time in Binondo’s Chuan Kee Chinese Fastfood – My Experience and Why I Would (Probably) Still Come Back

Beef Tendon Mami- Binondo

As expected the Beef Tendon Mami, which was served in a huge bowl, tasted amazing- an authentic bowl of Chinese goodness. Flavorful, something that I would enjoy eating when I’m so hungry or just craving for my comfort food.

Idle Time: Our Mactan, Cebu’s ‘Luxurious’ Summer Escapades

Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa

Here’s my first travel blog for 2019. A full account of our Mactan Cebu travel getaway. Read and enjoy! Don’t forget to like, share and comment!

Baler, Philippines: Experiencing the Epic Waves and a Whole Lot More

The idea of playing with a huge water-board was ecstatic. However, more than this water sport, I realize that there are many other things in Baler that i should be thrilled about; and these I experienced together with my friends in a full-packed three-day trip. I don’t want to discuss anymore the how-tos/ travel guide […]

Play of lights

Going home after tons of workloads is the best moment everyone has been all waiting for. Daydreaming. Planning. Craving. What to eat? Where to go? How to go? These are the things that run in everybody’s mind once they think of going out of the office and walk their way home. Well, who can blame […]

Drastic change: Our Sagada summer getaway

A personal experience: ‘I’ notes We’ve been planning a grand vacation this 2012. It’s already our group’s tradition to spend a vacation to some good places that we’ve never been before. This is the time of the year where we are all (temporarily) free from our responsibilities (well I guess most of us), professionally and/or […]