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First Time in Binondo’s Chuan Kee Chinese Fastfood – My Experience and Why I Would (Probably) Still Come Back

Beef Tendon Mami- Binondo

As expected the Beef Tendon Mami, which was served in a huge bowl, tasted amazing- an authentic bowl of Chinese goodness. Flavorful, something that I would enjoy eating when I’m so hungry or just craving for my comfort food.

Binondo: A glimpse to Manila’s premier China Town

Binondo is a place known for its huge low-cost depot of various products, Divisoria. Most of the people visit the area because of the bargain spree it offers. Wholesale shirt, kitchen wares, toys, candies and sweets and commodities of different kinds, can surely be found in Divisoria. Prices are far cheaper than those in the […]