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First Time in Binondo’s Chuan Kee Chinese Fastfood – My Experience and Why I Would (Probably) Still Come Back

Beef Tendon Mami- Binondo

As expected the Beef Tendon Mami, which was served in a huge bowl, tasted amazing- an authentic bowl of Chinese goodness. Flavorful, something that I would enjoy eating when I’m so hungry or just craving for my comfort food.

Weekend Camping Getaway- Newest (Curry🍛-Yummy😋) Campsite Everyone Will Surely Love❤️

Camp Curry or Tokyo Camp has been in PH’s restaurant scene for two years already. Ayala Malls Manila Bay is their second branch after their successful Ayala Triangle physical store.

Satisfaction in Every Sip: Teami PH Offers New Series for Pinoy Milk Tea Lovers

Teami Milk Tea

Teami Milk Tea is not only it is flavorful and mouth-watering, but it is also an agent of health and wellness. Knowing this minimizes guilt while enjoying fresh goodness in a cup.

Japan, Japan! It’s Time for Some ‘Taberu to hottosuru ryōri’

Since we were in Greenhills, San Juan, we looked for a food place that will satisfy our empty tummies and our cravings- to ease all the stress and counter mental fatigue.