Play of lights

Going home after tons of workloads is the best moment everyone has been all waiting for.

Daydreaming. Planning. Craving.

What to eat? Where to go? How to go?

These are the things that run in everybody’s mind once they think of going out of the office and walk their way home. Well, who can blame them?

Tower of one of the biggest TV stations in the Philippines

‘I’ notes:

I fantasize a lot when I am in the middle of doing something; when I am stuck in the middle of meetings for five to ten long hours; when everybody thinks that working too much is just fine.

When it’s about to go home, my camera is always with me, walking with me. It’s a kind of relaxation which is soothing to the soul, really refreshing and cannot be replaced. I love going home because this is the only time I can be as creative as I can and can do things without restrictions- freedom.

Here are two of the pictures I took when I was about to go home. I took some clicks and had some play of lights.

Starry, starry night, it’s time for me to go home and take some rest

10 thoughts on “Play of lights

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  2. Hey there! I wanted to ask that how did you insert “Quote of the day” and the “Grand intro” column to you blog. I’m a beginner and that looked cool. Thanks! 🙂


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