“I” notes:

I’ve been around for a long time, and life still has a whole lot of surprises for me.

I started working a couple of weeks ago. I should say I’m still working things out. I’m still adjusting my time and a bunch of things.

There are things that I can’t do anymore, (maybe in time when I finally get used to the routine) just like blogging. But I’m trying to squeeze it in to my time so that I can, at least see my site stats and reply to those who will drop their comments.

Though I’ve been out for a while, surprising reward still came to brighten up my day and to give me the right push to manage my time more (properly).

After days of not being present in the blogosphere, I found out my first ever blog nomination- the versatile blog award.


I would like to thank J.E. Lattimer for the nomination and for giving me the push to do blogging more often. Thank you so much for the kind gesture!

By the way this is the link going to his amazing blog < http://arcanearrangements.wordpress.com>.


Seven things about myself:

Journalism student

I can’t avoid sweets

I’m into photography now!

I’m a SEO specialist

A cup of coffee makes my day

I doodle a lot when I’m in class

I hate rainy season

Here’s my set of nominees (though I had a hard time choosing who to nominate):

















It’s your turn here are the rules:

Display the award logo on your post

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

Share 7 things about yourself

Pass the award to 15 nominees

Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated


Thanks a lot! Keep on blogging guys!

8 thoughts on “Surprise! Surprise!

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  2. pommepal says:

    Thank you so much for the award. In the words of a Yorkshire lass “I’m dead chuffed….. ” That means I am thrilled to bits to have the acknowledgment. Now I will sort out my 15 bloggers and my 7 things about me. I am following you via the rss feed I find that way I can look at all the new posts in one place and it does not clog up my e-mail box. I enjoy your blog, thank you again.

  3. prairiegodmother says:

    Oh my word, Ric, CONGRATULATIONS on your nomination for the VERSATILE BLOGGER!!!!! OUTSTANDING JOB and WELL DESERVED!!!!!
    THANK YOU!! for nominating me as well!!! I got so excited I had to read it several times to allow it to really sink in!!! I lack discipline in posting regularly as well. Your comments have certainly given me the inspiration I need to keep on. Thank you SO MUCH again!!!! I truly appreciate this nomination!!
    CONGRATULATIONS again on your nomination of VERSATILE BLOOGER!!

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