Around 150 participants gathered yesterday to partake in the first ever Intrigue Summit Manila 2019, organized by Salesgasm.

The event appreciates the value of digital transformation and underscores digital as a necessity of every marketing plans we are creating and implementing. The evolving market (dynamic and ever changing) and the current consumer behavior were also highlighted, describing consumers as a digital market living in the digital era that needs full digital treatment, now more than ever – to be able to reach them, engage them and convert them as the brand’s captured segment. (for digital marketing needs, feel free to send me an email! :))

This has been another venue for business heads, corporate representatives and marketers to improve their craft, learn the new trends and innovate current business strategies- all focusing on digital transformation.

Organized in different key cities and locations (New York, Singapore, Melbourne, to name a few) around the globe, Intrigue Summit #INTSummit aims to connect the world’s finest digital and traditional marketing professionals so that they can educate, network and inspire others within their respective industries.

These were the topics highlighted in the conference, facilitated and discussed by known media and digital personalities from different key brands (World Vision, Cellprime, Kasatria, ABS-CBN, Philippine Star and many others) here in the Philippines :

  • The latest in Digital marketing
  • The latest in Social media
  • Advertising
  • Sales technology
  • The business-boosting behaviors
  • Branding and Design
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Mobile and Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analysis and ROI

The excellent thing about the event was that the organizers widely opened the entire conference for audience interaction, may it be queries, reactions, clarifications or some additions to what has been delivered. With this I guess, the event was made more fruitful and insightful bringing home ideas/learnings based on studies and market researches and also from real and actual experiences of professionals from different industries, which will surely help in bridging the current gaps between businesses and consumers.

Personally, I like the presentation about Sincerity Marketing from the second keynote speaker, Mr. Ray Caguin of Cellprime Distribution Corp. Many of us knows about this strategy already but still a lot of brands fail to apply this in many of their costumer/consumer transactions. A simple acceptance of our mistake as part of our customer service is already essential when doing customer transaction. According to Mr. Caguin, this could create positive perception to our consumer once sincerely implemented- and the long list of example goes on especially when doing brand marketing and advertising. see some examples here

On the other hand, there were, I think some unprepared resource speakers on some of their debate sessions. These sessions could have been more interesting and insightful if these speakers were prepared enough, should I say, an expert on the topic assigned to them. But this is I guess forgivable, knowing that this is the first time they conducted this event in the country, a better set I guess will make the entire event even more successful.

Congratulations to the organizers and we wish you good luck on your next events. Thank you so much for inviting us to attend this year’s Intrigue Summit #INTManila, looking forward to attending next year’s summit.

Let’s go digital!

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