New Online Student Tambayan Launching Soon

In times like this, that education might be quite limited, we should think of other alternatives to continuously educate our young minds.

Making use of the available and widely-used platform (digital) should be part of our priority now, the development of an online tool is one perfect way of maximizing this, responding swiftly and conveniently to the current limitation.

I believe in the capability of students to effect change.

Change through the power of information, increased awareness, and exercise of freedom of expression.

The Philippine Online Student Tambayan (The POST) is an online community for students where they can access the latest news stories and relevant topics in the society that directly concerns the entire Philippine studentry.

The POST heightens the role of the student sector as catalyst for change by welcoming opinions, thoughts and even creative expressions of discerning students so that their voices can be heard.

I support this initiative to foster a community of empowered students who can think critically and be productive members in our society.

Students are our change-agents and they matter.

The Post Online official logo

The POST’s official website,, will launch on July 27, 2020 and I encourage YOU to be part of the change.

I am Ric Abasola and I am a proud member of The POST community.

Instagram: @thepostph

#ThePostPh #PHStudentTambayan

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