See how my first immuno boost drip experience went in this short vlog

Sooner or later treatment for this worldwide catastrophe will be discovered and available, ending all these social paranoias- bringing back the ‘old normal’. But since things are still a little blurry, as of the moment, being reponsible with our own selves should be our priority.

Aside from following all the new mandates to avoid getting infected, taking the right food and vitamins and exercising are also best options to consider for our immune system to always be in good shape.

Another, that i will highly recommend if you really want to invest on your health, especially these days, is to have a regular fluid intake through IV drips.

SKIN DRIP specifically has this IMMUNO BOOST DRIP that includes a blend of IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants, cleansing our body and supercharging our immune system to fight off illness.

This process will also clear out body toxins, keeping our organs fully functioning. It will definitely supply needed vitamins and nutrients keeping you shielded from infections and antioxidants to help your body recover faster from certain illnesses, just in case you got infected, by any chance. (fingers crossed)

All these for just 30 minutes while you are siting, doing your favorite relaxation stuff (reading, browsing your socmed or even taking a nap).

My 1st visit was great. I’m not a real fan of injections especially when I think of my injection mishaps because of untrained nurses, but I still gave it a try since I badly want the treatment. But happy to say my experience was great, the attendant knes what she was doing and she was sure of where to point the needle. Good job guys! Totoo yung parang kagat lang ng langgam. LOL.

The price is very much reasonable for the benefit if will provide your body. I suggest to take this drip for 2 weeks to month, it is expected that nutrient levels are elavated between 2 to 3 weeks after each treatment.

The clinic aura is soothing that it relaxes even while you are waiting. Plus the attendant and nurses are all nice and accommodating. You will really get your money’s worth, sobra pa! 😊

You have to try this treatment now and double your body’s lock from the intruders.

You may visit their SocMed pages for more services information. They also have othwr health and aesthetic realted treatments that you will definitely love.

Location: Unit 2104, 21st floor, Centuria Medical Makati, Makati City

Contact 0917 7146506 to book your appointment and for a free skin analysis!

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