Enjoy your Favorite Samgyup-meal in the Comfort of Your Own Home #Samgyupsabahay

I know many of us are still afraid to go out and do things the old normal way. Well, we can’t risk it still, to adhere to these pandemic precautionary measures and always keeping ourselves safe are still and should always be our main priority.

That’s why for me, doing things like eating outside is something I want to avoid as much as possible. If I can have things delivered to my home, especially food, game!

If my groceries were already consumed, I have no choice but to browse for food online, delivery muna!

Weeks ago I was wanting to go out to eat samgyupsal, super miss na miss ko na! I even asked my friends to come with me, but then, I remembered, pandemic nga pala, 😒and for sure It will be

to book a seat. Wag na lang, back to browsing for food online.

Last week I finally had my chance, again, to satisfy my samgyupsal cravings. (After months! Holy!! ) Thanks goodness I discovered BITE! A friend recommended this delivery service to me and very convenient on my end since they are located in the South area as well.

No need to go outside and line up, especially now na we are still in this new normal, just send them your order and your yummy, savory samgyup set will be delivered at your doorsteps. Perfect!

Meat, lettuce, side dishes (fish cake lang sapat na! πŸ˜…) and sauces- kumpleto! You just need to prepare your #samgyupsabahay table, para mas feel na feel mo! Lol

Here’s what I got from their package:
SET A – Php1, 000.00 (Good for 4-6 persons)
3 kinds of meat
Potato mables
Fish cake
Korean paste
Sesame oil

See other samgyup meal sets on their social media accounts below.

Mag samgyup-order na guys! Sabi nga ni Kim Chiu, bawal labas! πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Apir!

https://www.facebook.com/Bite420/. https://instagram.com/bite.420?igshid=1o8wmfsygabcb

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