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I’ve been out of our family home for many years now. I tried living on my own and I must say I got used to it already. Every now and then, when it comes to my meals, I am missing my mamita’s specialties, her personal recipes that made our dinners really special and super sarap!

Looking back, my brother and I were always look forward to the weekend, kasi finally we will be having mamita’s Caldereta with peanut butter and pickle relish (promise super sarap neto!) or her signature Kare-kare with ox tripe. Literal na taob ang kaldero once either of these is served, with matching 1.5 softdrinks or mango shake, tapos ang laban! Hindi na ko nagtataka kung bakit sobrang laki (obese) ko nung bata ako, lamon was really my thing! 🤣🤣

So now that I’m (kicked) out, living on my own, I am required to cook and prepare my own food. I learned simple dishes and tried my best to cook delicious home-cook meals, pero super time consuming, considering all the things that I need to do and finish (from morning till night I got tasks to accomplish), so more often than not, I end up contacting the delivery guys. (thank you Grab Food and all the fast-food deliveries in our area – RIP Diet)

Finally Found Mamita’s Food Packs

I’ve been seeing and tried a lot of food packs with home-cook meals in them, unfortunately, I have to lower my expectations. These are the typical food packs that you will be forced to take because you have no choice- you can’t cook (no time), you want the affordable choices (pandemic #tipidtipiddin) and you are sick of eating ‘trash food’ (what’s the sense of subjecting yourself to diet if you will just go back to your old eating habit #realizations). Bland and full of preservatives, – again no choice. Rating 3/10 – Nabusog pa rin naman ako! LOL

However, there is this product that changed my view on ready-to-eat food packs. I spotted this new line online from Purefoods (first time ko lang nakita eh, so new for me) that comes in different yummy Pinoy dishes. They have Chicken Afritada, Lechon Paksiw, Pork Binagoongan, Pork Humba, Beef Pares, Bistek Tagalog, Bicol Express (two of my favorites) Kare-kare and Caldereta – 9 ready-to-eat viands.

I told myself to give it a try. S’yempre I got two of my favorites and their version of Bicol Express. Let’s try!

Taste Test and Verdict

I first tried their Bicol Express and I must say, panalo! The whole experience is like having someone in the kitchen who did the entire slow-cooking process. The taste? It was really good! I can taste mamita’s recipe when I visit the house (which rarely happens, LOL), the coconut milk that was put through the heat (for a long time) to get the right, creamy and flavorful taste plus it is worthy to note how fork-tender the meat were, perfecto!

All these are inside a black tub of Purefoods’ Heat-and Eat Ulam Pack (available in 9 Ready- to-eat Viands) . All you need to do is microwave it for 8 minutes, straight from the freezer, wait for it to settle and presto, you have your home-cook style dish with legit taste na super mae-enjoy mo! So better prepare your cooked rice, kasi for sure mapapalaban ka! 😅

I had similar experience with their Caldereta and Kare-kare so I ended up getting all the available variants in the market- Pinoy dishes festival ako the entire week! You may add your favorite veggies and other pampalasa if you feel the need to. Like for my Caldereta, I added boiled potatoes and carrots para mas feel ko yung dish, while with Kare-kare, I added eggplant, pechay and beans and of course shrimp paste on the side para legit!

Each ulam pack can serve four people, well ideally, (sorry) but I can finish the entire tub without sharing it with my housemates, gutom lang, baket!? 😅 Each tub costs between P225- P290 pesos. This is already cost-efficient for me because, it saves you time (if you know the process of cooking Kare-kare and Bicol express, super tedious!), electricity, and energy (plus no spoilages, kasi for sure, sakto lang lahat).

You can already find these sumptuous Pinoy dishes in a pack in different supermarkets and your nearest Petron treats station. For those who still don’t like scrambling with people inside the grocery, you can have it delivered at your doorsteps through Lazada and Shopee. (click and shop na!)

So even if I’m rarely home to eat and enjoy mamita’s specialties, Purefoods’ Heat-and Eat Ulam Packs/ Ready- to-eat Viands are here to make me feel, comfortably home, never ko na mamimiss ang lutong-bahay, isang order lang and I can already enjoy it anytime. Good job San Miguel Foods -Purefoods !

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