Japan, Japan! It’s Time for Some ‘Taberu to hottosuru ryōri’

After a stressful day at work, I deserve to have all my comfort foods served on one table. I can surely find a lot of these in a place where attendants will greet me (with full enthusiasm), ‘Kon’nichiwa, yōkoso!’

I just finished working on some client documents and was able to pass some on time (thank you Lord!). My friends at work and my foodtrip buddies, at the same time (check out our official IG page here😅) invited me to dine-out and have our early dinner (time check: 4:30 PM).

IG-worthy Restaurant Facade! LOL

Since we were in Greenhills, San Juan, we looked for a food place that will satisfy our empty tummies and our cravings- to ease all the stress and counter mental fatigue. #foodisthekey


It has an interesting facade that would make you want to shoot some of your IG-worthy vanity shots (I just did, pang-IG men! LOL). Intriguing to the point that I peeked through a small opening to see what’s inside, which was not that amazing for me (maybe because, i was really hungry and tired that I just needed to take a seat and eat, sorry! LOL), but the place is a huge food hub for those who adore Japanese cuisine so much, that’s for sure.

It changed my initial perception of its interior when we were already inside, sitting and checking on their menu. The interior design will make you feel that you are really in Japan- from the wooden furniture, decors up to the ceiling’s Japanese lanterns and the music they were playing in the background. The whole place gave me a relaxing vibe, free from all the negativity outside.

The Food

Perfect for the weather! Kamameshi’s Niku Udon / PHP250.00

I was really craving for a bowl of noodle soup that time, so I ordered their version of Niku Udon, one of their bestsellers. The noodles were thick and al dente (I liked it!), though the broth and the beef strips tasted a little ordinary for me, similar with other Jap-restaurant I tried, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.

Kamameshi’s Takoyaki / PHP120.00

We also ordered their versions of Takoyaki and Salmon Sashimi, as recommended by our food attendant. Their Takoyaki tasted really good. The texture and creamy filling were both superb for me. They actually served six flavourful pieces in one order and I finished half of it (with a little guilt because of the high carbs in take, see you soon keto! LOL) On the other hand, their Salmon Sashimi was served fresh with a tasty dip on the side that complimented the entire dish. These two are both worth trying again.

Generous servings, fair and reasonable price, amazing ambiance and good customer service. Good job! We will definitely come back to try the real restaurant specialty- their authentic Kamameshi bowls.

Rating: 9/10

They are located at the back of Gloria Maris and UCC Clockwork (Greenhills Shopping Centre, Greenhills, San Juan City, view map here) and operates from 11AM- 10PM. Better if you will call and reserve seats during lunch and dinner : 02- 570- 3242

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